Bridge Projects

Emergency Bridge Package 2018-2A DB

Marlboro and Dillon Counties, South Carolina



Carolina TEA is the Lead Engineer performing project management, bridge design, and construction engineering services for the emergency replacement of three bridges.  Palmetto Infrastructure, Inc., with Carolina TEA, won the contract in a competitively bid design-build process. The replacement bridges consist of single-span structures at S-51 (70 ft bridge) and S-400 (50 ft bridge), and a 3-span structure at S-33 (100 ft bridge).  Engineering services include project management, roadway design, bridge design, hydraulic modelling, roadway hydraulics, geotechnical exploration and design, hazmat studies, permitting, utility location and coordination, SUE, ROW acquisition, surveying, and development of as-builts. 

2019 ACEC-SC Engineering Excellence Award winner

US 278 Corridor Study

Beaufort County, SC

Carolina TEA, as a subconsultant to KCI, is leading the Structures for the seismic study, retrofit, and/or replacement of the US 278 bridges over Mackay Creek and Skull Creek (the Intracoastal Waterway). Alternatives are being developed as part of this study to determine a preferred roadway alignment for the new 6-lane entryway into Hilton Head. Public interest in the project is very high, with many at Hilton Head and Beaufort County desiring a new “Gateway” onto the island. 


US 278.png

S-77 over Lemon Swamp & S-385 over Smith Branch

Bamberg County, SC

Carolina TEA  was selected to provide design services for the replacement of two bridges in Bamberg County. The roadways will be closed with traffic detoured during construction.  The Project includes bridge, roadway and hydraulic design, survey, utility coordination, public involvement, NEPA documentation, geotechnical investigations and design, ROW acquisition, and construction services.  Carolina TEA anticipates single-span cored slab bridges at each location. Approach roadways will be minimized to reduce impact to the surrounding streams, wetlands, and residences. 


Bamberg 2.jpg

Bridge Load Ratings

SCDOT Districts 2, 4, and 7

Carolina TEA is performing bridge inspection, load rating, and quality control reviews for the KCI (District 4) and WSP (Districts 2 and 7) teams.  Carolina TEA is performing the inspection and rating of 86 bridges and culverts in District 4 for the KCI team.  Several culverts have been identified that will be load tested to avoid load posting these structures. The culverts show minimal signs of distress, but do not rate based on the given parameters.  We are performing the quality control reviews for 2,557 bridge and culvert sites in Districts 2 and 7 for the WSP team. 


Bridge Load ratings.jpg

Roadway / Rail Projects

NCDOT Rail Division - 2017 General Rail Engineering Services

Task Order with NCDOT Rail Division to perform a concept-level feasibility study for grade separating the NCRR/NS Mainline through the downtown Durham, NC.  The study was warranted due to the adjacent Durham-Orange Line Light Rail Transit (DOLRT) project under design by Go-Triangle.  Study included looking at the possibility of elevating the freight track(s) through Durham.  Design speed, posted speed, minimum radius, superelevation, maximum and minimum grades, vertical curve “K” values for crests and sags, sight distance,  vertical clearance, lane width, maximum slopes, curb radii, right-of-way widths, lane tapers, design vehicle, traffic control, maximum/minimum vertical curves, and driveways were all considered.  Road and rail horizontal and vertical alignments, cross-sections, bridge designs, pedestrian underpasses, retaining walls, cuts and fills, and estimates were produced.  Roadway designs were progressed to minimize disturbance to existing buildings while meeting the latest clearance and NCDOT roadway as well as AASHTO design guidelines.  Track designs were in conformance with NS, NCRR and AREMA guidelines.

NCDOT Rail Division - 2017 General Rail Engineering Services

Task Order to study the possibility of constructing a new material storage facility (20+ acres) in eastern NC, served by trucks and trains.  In addition to material storage the site had to accommodate transload operations. Material deliveries would be made via hopper cars with mobile conveyors.  Numerous site configurations were assessed, then narrowed down to 4 possibilities.  All 4 possibilities accommodated turning movements for an AASHTO WB-62 truck allowing loading/unloading operations to safely take place. Some modifications to the adjacent access roadway were necessary.  Site lighting and building locations were designed, and environmental permits identified.  All design elements, including horizontal and vertical alignments were performed in CAD in accordance with NS, AREMA, NCDOT, FAA, and AASHTO design guidelines.

NCDOT Division 14 - 2018 Planning and Design Engineering Services Consultant and General Engineering Services Carolina TEA provides NCDOT with roadway and bridge design package review services. NCDOT relies on Carolina TEA’s experience and expertise with design requirements and constructability analysis to provide review comments to improve bid plans, reduce contractor claims and facilitate construction. Carolina TEA has found issues that uncorrected, would have cost NCDOT significant money and time as the plans were simply not constructible.  Carolina TEA has noted substandard horizontal and vertical alignments, cross-section errors, quantity takeoff errors, utility conflicts and temporary shoring conflicts as well as issues to be resolved with MOT plans (blind intersections with detoured alternating traffic). Each review is performed within two weeks of notice.

NCDOT Division 14 - 2018 Planning and Design Engineering Services Consultant and General Engineering Services  Intersection Improvement at Pigeon Road(US-276), Raccoon Road, and Crymes Cove Road in Haywood County, NC.  Task order to provide project development, environmental, and preliminary design engineering services associated with U-6158, intersection improvement at Pigeon Road(US-276), Raccoon Road, and Crymes Cove Road near Waynesville, NC. Planning to include definition of study area, background research, etc. Conceptual horizontal and vertical alignment alternatives including roadway realignments, left turn additions and roundabouts were started prior to project being place on hold. Traffic counts were scheduled and cancelled due to project funding delay.  Expected to start back up in 2020.